The Legal Ghost

Why choose a ghost writer for your briefs?


    *    All lawyers recognize the value of a well-written and persuasive brief.

    *    Many lawyers don't like writing briefs or don't think it is their strength.

    *    Many lawyers -- especially solo practitioners and small firm lawyers

            -- can't find the time in their busy schedules to craft and edit briefs.

            Full calendars often prevent lawyers from putting forth their best

            writing and research efforts consistently, leading to missed

            opportunities for their clients.


Why choose The Legal Ghost?


    *    Consistency.  David A. Friedman is The Legal Ghost and will perform

        all research, writing and editing on your brief.

    *    Experience.  More than thirty years of legal experience, with a

            concentration in federal and appellate litigation.  Dozens of appellate

            briefs and published decisions.

    *    Knowledge.  Years of appellate practice means that The Legal Ghost

            will conform your brief to the applicable (state or federal, trial or

            appellate) rules, and to sound local practice.

    *    Reliability.  You'll know that your brief will be completed on time.  You

            won't have to seek extensions, won't have to cut corners to finish your

            brief by the deadline, and won't have to work late nights and

         weekends to fit brief-writing into your busy daily schedule.


How does it work?


    *    You keep the client.  You keep the attorney-client relationship.  The

            Legal Ghost is not a law firm and does not practice law.  

    *    You contract with The Legal Ghost to provide you a service.  You pay

            an agreed fee (hourly or by task) for the service.  Consistent with your

            retainer agreement with your client, you bill the client for the litigation


    *    You get credit for submitting a top-quality brief that enhances your

            client's chance for success.